Much mention is made of the beauty and healing powers of the air and water in and about the shtetl of Solka in the Bukowina.  One of the most famous health sanatoriums was that of Dr. Hermann Poras built in Solka in 1876.


Sanatorium Dr. Hermann Poras ( with Dr. Poras in foreground)     Solka,  Bukowina         Summer 1898


Sanatorium Dr. Poras         postcard  (note additions in background)                         ca: 1905

Dr. Hermann Poras was born in Czernowitz (Cernivci,Ukraine ) in 1835, and attended the University of Vienna Medical School receiving his degree December 1859.  He became K.K. Imperial district physician of Sanitary Council No.2. For the years 1870 --1971  he was appointed from Czernowitz as the member of the State Parliment and then took up residence in Radauti (Rumania). He married Henrietta Weiss of Lvov and had five children. They lived in Radauti , and summered in Solka , where he was owner, director, of the Sanatorium.  In 1872 he was appointed as a progressive member to  the Jewish Community Council of Radauti and participated in the bitter battle with the Orthodox over control of the Great Synagogue.  (Gold's History of the Jews in the Bukowina)

His son, Josef, took over management of the Sanatorium in 1899. Below is the face page of a book which was written by him detailing the treatments in his father's Sanatorium.  The book goes into great detail about the different types of water and inhalation therapies  used and a statistical analysis of their frequency and efficacy.  Patients came from as far as Switzerland and Germany to seek treatment for  rheumatism, gynecological, respiratory, digestive and locomotive ailments. 



The Sanatorium was advertised heavily in Jewish newspapers throughout the Austro-Hungarian Empire.  "Guide Book though the Bukowina 1907" has a fine example of the text that was used at the time.

In 1904, Dr. Josef Poras moved his family from Vienna to Czernowitz, which was a three hour trip to the Sanatorium.  They resided there until WWI, and then moved back to Vienna, at which time he opened a private medical practice at Waehringerstrasse 18 and specialized in ear, nose and throat.

Solca Sanatorium, May 2006  great grandson, Dr. Joseph Poras pictured in front of building.

Reception with mayor of Solca, Romania, 2006